A variety of Foldscope kits to suit the needs of

individuals, educators, and communities 

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    The deluxe individual Foldscope kit is designed to allow any curious explorer to perform microscopy experiments anywhere at any time. This kit includes a Foldscope in a portable and sturdy metal case, including tools for collecting and processing samples, preparing slides, and directly collecting data on any cell phone via universal couplers.

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  • The basic classroom kit is designed to supply a classroom (or another group) of 20 students with a Foldscope for each explorer. Each student receives the essentials (Foldscope, cell-phone coupler, assembly/instruction sheet, carrying pouch, paper, and tape slides), and some accessories are provided collectively to be shared amongst the entire class.

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  • This is a combined kit with a single Deluxe Individual Kit and 2 Basic Classroom Kits (40 Foldscope basic) packed together.This combo is designed to supply a classroom of students with a basic Foldscope set; the teacher receives the Deluxe Individual Kit.

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  • The 100 Club Classroom Kit gives you the scale and flexibility to work with groups in a number of different ways. The kit contains 100 sets of the essentials and 20 sets of a large variety of Foldscope accessories (see list below). This balance keeps the kit more affordable while allowing students to work in groups to take advantage of shared accessories.

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  • This is a combined kit with a single Deluxe Individual Kit and a Large Classroom Kit (100 Foldscopes + 20 Accessory packs) packed together. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items