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The beauty of pollen

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You brush past a yellow flower and end up with bright yellow pollen on your sleeve. The table beneath a vase of flowers is dusted with a fine layer of pollen. A bee, heavily laden with pollen, zooms from one flower to the next. Have you ever considered that there’s more to pollen than can be seen with the naked eye?
On July 1, 2018, SciBuddy became the official exclusive distributor of foldscopes in South Africa. We are excited to begin this journey in learning to South African children, teachers, and scientists!
When your Foldscope is coupled to a smartphone, using the focus ramp can be challenging. Ideally, ask someone to hold the phone while you focus on the sample. Sometimes bending the Foldscope slightly can help to get the best and sharpest image.
As a rule, microscopes are expensive, delicate instruments. Certainly not a suitable toy for an eight-year-old and probably the last thing parents would think of giving to a child. But what about a microscope made from paper that costs around R40? A microscope that is water-resistant, tough, and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, or slotted into a book? Enter the Foldscope, an innovative piece of equipment that is set to change the way scienc
Parents and caregivers need plenty of ideas to keep kids entertained throughout the holiday. If you have access to a basic microscope such as a Foldscope, these fun exploration activities will not only keep the kids occupied, but they will be learning at the same time!
We often think that science is reserved for high school children and that not all children will be able to excel in science or even enjoy it. This is not the case at all. In world driven by scientific and technological advancements, it’s essential to introduce our children to science from a young age. Inspiring a child to question and test is a large and fun part of learning about the world. After all, science is not about knowing, but rather a j
Giving your child her own microscope might not be something you’ve ever considered. First of all, a microscope is a delicate instrument, more suited to a laboratory than a child’s bedroom. Then there’s the cost; a microscope can cost several thousand rand and requires specific maintenance.